Thursday, December 2, 2010

Some random Dumb Tattoos.. Have fun

Thug Wife Tattoo.. Wow!

Judge Judy Tattoo.. Only Judy can judge me

WTF? One the Dark one opens and closes the door to Silent Hill

Terrible Tattoo

I am pretty sure this is not what he was going for when he went in for the tattoo.. You think you would want to see the artists prior work before committing to a shoulder piece.

"You ever dun a portrait before?"
Uhh no..
"You want to start with my ugly wife in a bikini?"
Uhh sure.

Yeah, even the king of the dinosaurs would be embarrassed of this crap.

Lol swastika, nice.. Drunks should not be allowed to get tattoos.. There should be some sort of counseling done prior to receiving it.

Hahahahahaha.. exactly where he belongs. Dr. Phil on ass tattoo

Mount Golden Girls... wow, who thought of this.. really! Thank you for being a friend!!

This one deserves a post of its own. I have to recommend to seek a a little counseling before designing a tattoo. Perhaps a quick google search to make sure WE HAVE THE RIGHT musician.. Good GOD!. Jimi Hendricks / Bob Marley tattoo..

Brenda tattoo... Let's take a moment to figure out what went wrong.
My guess is that Brenda cheated on him and he is trying to show her that he REALLY does love her and she should stay with him. Comment below and give me your thoughts..

Atlas would be so proud, holding a boob.. Nice tattoo.

I see how it works now. I bring in a picture of my wife, you draw it with a fine tip pencil. I agree that it looks pretty good, then you totally screw it up. I wonder if it would have come out better if they made it a little bigger.. If you are going to make a mistake.. Make it a big one.

Go ahead, laugh. It's OK. I wonder if Psycho wakes up everyday looks at that thing in the mirror and wonders why the artist wrote it backwards.